Baron Corbin Trolls Tyler Breeze On Twitter

WWE Superstars can go through many different looks. However, sometimes they need the company’s approval. Tyler Breeze is trying something new with his facial hair but some people might not consider it the best decision.

Baron Corbin decided to throw a jab at Tyler Breeze’s new chin decoration while comparing him to a character in a 2002 Val Kilmer movie.

WWE Superstars often change their looks.  Tyler Breeze is going through one of those changes right now . Tyler Breeze is attempting to grow some facial hair.

Baron Corbin took to Twitter to address Tyler Breeze’s brand new look.  He did not seem too impressed.  Here is the Tweet:

“So @MmmGorgeous is turning into the bad guy from Sultan Sea.  And on a side note it’s a great movie.”


Peyton Royce also took to Twitter to get involved:



Perhaps the Baron Corbin/Tyler Breeze Twitter exchange will turn into an angle on television.  Maybe we will see Baron Corbin vs Tyler Breeze.  Or, maybe we will see Tyler Breeze compete in the WWE Women’s Division and face Peyton Royce.  Time will tell.

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