3 Reasons CM Punk Should Sign With AEW

Recently, there had been some rumors surrounding CM Punk signing an AEW contract.  CM Punk, based on reports, has no interest in returning to professional wrestling in any capacity.

CM Punk is a UFC fighter at the moment.  He is also a former 2-time WWE Champion, World Heavyweight Champion, and ECW Champion.  Punk is also a 2-time Money In The Bank Winner.

Here are 3 reasons CM Punk should sign with AEW:


#1 He has struggled in UFC


It is no secret that CM Punk has struggled in the UFC.  His career record is 0-2.  He lost to Mickey Gall via 1st Round Submission at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland in 2016.  CM Punk looked overmatched throughout the short fight.  MMA fans provided terrible feedback on his performance.

Last Year, CM Punk fought Mike Jackson at UFC 225 in his hometown of Chicago at the United Center.  The fight received poor reviews.  CM Punk somehow lasted all 3 rounds, but lost in a unanimous decision.  After the fight, Dana White had some critical comments.

“That’s it for his UFC career.”

“I wouldn’t put that kid in the Contender Series,” White added during the press conference after the fight.


#2 He can stick it to Vince McMahon



Let’s face it:  CM Punk did not leave the WWE on good terms.  He was fired on the day of his wedding to former WWE Diva’s Champion AJ Lee.  While in WWE, he disagreed with the way he was booked, and that ultimately led to his departure with the company.

CM Punk still has bitterness towards the WWE.  Vince McMahon has been aware of AEW’s attempts to sign top talent.  There is no better way to stick it to Vince McMahon than for CM Punk to sign with AEW.

CM Punk, along with AEW wrestlers Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho, would bring star power to AEW.  Imagine Kenny Omega vs CM Punk for the AEW Title?  Many fans would prefer to turn into a PPV with that main event more than they would a typical WWE PPV.


#3 Money.




AEW has not been shy with their checkbooks.  Chris Jericho recently said in an interview that AEW pays better than the WWE.  Who does not want to make some good money?  AEW would definitely hook CM Punk up with a light travel schedule so he would spend time with his wife, AJ Lee.

With CM Punk’s reputation and AEW’s willingness to spend, CM Punk would easily be able to land a seven figure contract.  A match between Kenny Omega and CM Punk, as mentioned, would be a massive draw.  AEW would score a ton of revenue by having CM Punk as the face of the company.

Will CM Punk sign with AEW?



Unfortunately, nobody knows the answer to this question, besides CM Punk.  Perhaps, he doesn’t know whether he will return or not.  Punk made some comments in the past insinuating that he would never return to professional wrestling.  With that being said, AEW has the money to be able to change a person’s mind.  Only time will tell, but we would love to see CM Punk return to wrestling.

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