3 Reasons Why WWE Is Racist

Is the WWE racist?

WWE Elimination Chamber is over, and Kofi Kingston did not win the WWE Championship in the main event.  He had been entered into the Elimination Chamber this past Tuesday as a replacement for Mustafa Ali.  The fans were behind him during the match.  He received one of the best reactions we have seen in a long time.

The WWE Universe was abuzz all weekend.  A teaser photo had been released of Kofi Kingston winning the WWE Championship.  Fans were supported the idea.  The WWE had even Tweeted out support of the idea of Kofi winning the WWE Championship.  Daniel Bryan would crash those hopes with a Running Knee to retain the WWE Championship.

It is Black History Month.  There was a lot of buzz this week throughout the Internet Wrestling Community over whether or not the WWE will ever put the championship on a black Superstar.  Many people accused the WWE of being racist.  Is that the case?  We do not know.

But here are 3 reasons why people have good reason to believe the WWE is racist:

#1 There has never been a black WWE Champion.

We know, we know.  Mark Henry was WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  Booker T won the WCW Championship.  Bobby Lashley won the ECW Championship.  But there has never been a black WWE Champion.

There have been many talented black wrestlers in WWE.  Tony Atlas, Bobby Lashley, Kofi Kingston, Virgil.  OK, just kidding, maybe not Virgil.  But there have been wrestlers who were qualified to win the championship, but the WWE never put the title on a black wrestler.  This is cause for concern.


#2 There are very few black wrestlers in WWE.

Take a look at the WWE roster.  We have the New Day, we have Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush.  We have Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews.  Most of the WWE roster is white.  Look back at history.  There are very few black superstars throughout WWE’s history.

Does this mean the WWE is racist?  It is possible that there is a low percentage of black men and women who choose to pursue WWE careers.  With that being said, why doesn’t WWE make more of a push to promote the sport to African-American children?  Wouldn’t putting a black wrestler in the spotlight help encourage more African-American children to pursue a career in wrestling?

#3 WWE always makes it a point to put black people together in teams/factions.

Darren Young and Titus O’Neil.  Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews.  Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush.  The New Day.  Men On A Mission.  WWE has a tendency to pair black men into tag teams or factions.  They also tend to give teams and factions outlandish gimmicks, such as The New Day.  Sure, The New Day is over, but the WWE tries to make it very clear that this is a group of black men, in terms of how they deliver the characters to the audience.

Is The WWE Racist?

We cannot truly answer that question.  It has been debated for many years now, and the topic has come to light this week during Black History Month.  We hope that one day, the WWE will have a black WWE Champion, so that we can put the argument to rest.


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