Goldust Leaves WWE, Signs With AEW For “Double Or Nothing”

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is granting releases to superstars who are not playing a key role in its roster at the moment with Dustin Rhodes – in-ring name Goldust – the latest to bid farewell to the promotion. The long-time WWE member announced his departure earlier this month, while also saying goodbye to his Goldust avatar, which was a popular character among the WWE Universe.

According to 411 Mania, Rhodes asked for his release from the company in January and was granted one immediately. But the report claims that a non-compete clause in his contract forbid him from making it public until April 20.

The 50-year-old made his debut in WWE, which was then known as WWF, in 1990 and has since left the company and rejoined the promotion on five occasions with the latest coming in 2013. Rhodes’ unemployment did not last long as the newly formed pro-wrestling promotion All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has snapped up the veteran.

WWE Hall of Famer Billy Gun, who works as a producer with the new promotion, confirmed Rhodes’ move to AEW. He refused to confirm if he was a regular member of the roster, but revealed that he will be part of AEW’s first live event “Double or Nothing” where he will take on younger sibling Cody Rhodes, who is one of the key members of the new promotion’s roster.

“I wouldn’t say he’s officially a member of the roster. I wouldn’t say that. I would say that we’re going to get Cody and Dustin in a match. And it’s gonna be really good, and I think there’s a — for me, wrestling still has to have a story. You still have to have something I can sink my teeth into, or get into. And this is something I can really get into,” Gunn said, as quoted on 411 Mania.

Rhodes is not the only wrestler to depart WWE this month with former Shield member Dean Ambrose also leaving the company when his contract expires at the end of April. Luke Harper – a member of the Wyatt Family – also confirmed that he had requested a release from the company.

Moreover, there are a number of other wrestlers on the WWE roster said to be biding their time and waiting to leave when their contract expires. While there have been reports about Sasha Banks, a key member of the women’s division, requesting a release only to be turned down by the company.

AEW will not hire everybody walking away from WWE, but the company is certain to be keeping a close eye on the situation, waiting to snap any popular pro-wrestler that walks away from the world’s most popular promotion.

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