Lio Rush Is Taking WWE Backstage Heat Seriously

As reported by, Lio Rush obviously read the reports that came out last night talking about his backstage heat in WWE. One story said that it was doubtful that he’ll even be back on the main roster while another told a story about a situation with Finn Balor.

Rush has plenty of fans and some of them don’t believe the hype. Therefore, when The Man Of The Hour saw that one fan tweeted out a short video of himself laughing with the caption: “Lio reading all these dirtsheets like,” he retweeted it.

Lio Rush kept that tweet on his timeline all night, but then he decided to take it off the next morning, As you can see in the screenshot below he did retweet it, but then decided it might not be the best thing to keep up on his social media page.


The fact that Lio Rush un-retweeted this message that didn’t appear to take these reports seriously might mean that he had a change of heart in that regard.

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