Matt Hardy Fires Shots At “Nobody” Internet Trolls

Matt Hardy is online just like everyone else and the IWC has no shortage of people who just want to tear others down. They will go all-out to hide their identity just so they can spot a tweet and take fire. It doesn’t matter if you block them either because a new account can be set up immediately afterward.

Hardy recently took a chance to fire a shot off to people who start accounts just so they can throw shade. It isn’t a very cool things to do and Hardy certainly seems to agree.

“It tickles me when INTERNET NOBODIES create burner accounts (with either 0, 1, or 2 followers) in an attempt to send honorable tweeters insulting tweets.

Isn’t it hilariously sad & pitiful?”

It would be great if society didn’t have a problem with people being mean to strangers for no reason or hoping to watch others fail.

In the meantime it looks like we’ll just have to do what we can as there are trolls out there who think they’re hilarious, however, they very well could also be considered quite sad and pitiful.

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