Will Jon Moxley Sign With AEW?

Will Jon Moxley go to AEW?  The internet is buzzing after Jon Moxley Tweeted a promo video shortly after midnight.

The depicts Dean Ambrose, now known as Jon Moxley, as a prisoner.  This likely represents how Dean Ambrose perceives his time with WWE.


Dean Ambrose formerly wrestled as Jon Moxley on the indy circuit prior to signing with WWE.

There are rumors circulating that Dean Ambrose will be joining AEW as Jon Moxley.  Recently, Chris Jericho discussed the possibility of Dean Ambrose joining AEW, and seemed to welcome the idea with open arms.

With Cody, Chris Jericho, and Kenny Omega already signed to AEW, one can only imagine how much of an impact Dean Ambrose would have.

Recently, Vince McMahon has been offering large contracts to midcard talent.  It is believed that this is out of fear that WWE superstars will jump ship to AEW.

It makes sense for Moxley to make the jump to AEW.  Clearly, he did not feel appreciated during his time with WWE.  It is rumored that he was offered a large contract to stay, and turned it down.  After seeing the success Cody had after leaving WWE, the possibility of carving out a name without being under the WWE umbrella is appealing.

Ambrose was an enigmatic figure during his WWE run, and was a fan favorite.  There is no doubt that the WWE took a big blow when he decided to leave the company.

While Moxley, formerly known as Dean Ambrose, had a largely successful run in WWE, he was overshadowed by fellow Shield members Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns.  Ambrose did won a WWE Championship during his time with the company.

Will Jon Moxley sign with AEW?  Only time will tell.




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