“Tension Is Rising” During WWE European Tour

WWE European tours can sometimes include incredible stories. Things can get a little out of hand at times when you’re with coworkers so long. They travel together when normally Superstars find their own way to the venue. Now it looks like something could be going down right now and it might not be good.

Some stories to come out of WWE overseas tours include the plane ride from hell and Roman Reigns kicking Enzo Amore off of the tour bus. Now it looks like we could have another one brewing.

Mojo Rawley tweeted out that he really needs a good joke. Fans were requested to lighten up the situation because apparently, they are having travel issues because their flight is late and tension is rising.

We are delayed on a flight. Tension is rising, so make your jokes count!”

Hopefully, they will be able to take off very soon before things escalate. As of this writing, a few jokes were posted. You can check those out below. Some of them are pretty corny while others are straight-up hurtful.

You gotta love the IWC.

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