Edge Fires Shots At Seth Rollins Over Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch has not received a response from Beth Phoenix up to this point, but The Man clearly wants Phoenix to take notice.  Becky Lynch and Edge have been going back and forth on social media all day.  While all of the craziness is unfolding, Edge has responded to Becky Lynch’s shots in a huge way.

Edge updated his Twitter shortly after Becky Lynch made some updates on her end in order to respond to The Man.  Edge decided that while he was at it, he would take a shot at Rollins’ relationship that ended terribly back in 2015.  In case you do not remember, Seth Rollins had nude photos leak onto the internet that spread like wildfire.

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“Psst, The Man since we’re telling secrets and talking past relationships, make sure your man doesn’t send you those pics, didn’t work out well for him last time”

The internet wrestling community is wondering if Beth Phoenix plans on responding to Becky Lynch.  This could end up being a great opportunity for Beth Phoenix to make an in-ring return, even if it is a one-off appearance.

WWE Summerslam is the next major PPV scheduled for WWE.  With AEW breathing down WWE’s neck and an upcoming move to FOX impending, WWE is planning on having a huge show in Toronto for August’s PPV.  Rumors are pointing at either Beth Phoenix returning for a match against Becky Lynch, or a potential mixed tag team match pitting Rollins and Lynch against Edge and Beth Phoenix.

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