Matt Riddle Does Not Regret Blasting Goldberg

Former WWE Universal Champion and WCW Champion Bill Goldberg was defeated by The Undertaker at King Abdullah International Stadium this past weekend in Saudi Arabia.  The match received poor feedback, and far worse, put the health of both Goldberg and The Undertaker at risk.

Goldberg’s head was cut open after he collided with a ring post early in the match.  He also made a serious botch when performing the Jackhammer on The Undertaker, which resulted in Taker landing on the back of his head.  From the looks of it, he could have potentially broken his neck had he landed slightly different.

The Undertaker botched his signature Tombstone Piledriver finisher as well.  When he attempted to perform the move on Goldberg, Goldberg’s head bounced off the mat in a scary fashion.

Goldberg also attempted to apply a Tombstone of his own to The Undertaker.  Once again, the move did not go as planned, and the 2 legends came crashing down to the mat.

The Undertaker finished Goldberg off with a Chokeslam.  According to sources, the finish was not the one that had been originally planned, but for the safety of the wrestlers, it was changed.

Matt Riddle, who has been famous for taking jabs at WWE legends, mocked Goldberg during the WWE Super ShowDown event.  Matt Riddle was highly critical of Goldberg, particularly commenting on the safety of his work and the danger that he is putting his opponents in.

Riddle also went as far as to call Goldberg “the worst wrestler in the business.”

The outspoken NXT star Riddle said: “Goldberg, you lived up to the hype yet again.

“You’re absolutely the worst wrestler in the business, bro.

“And that’s not an opinion, that’s a fact.”

Riddle defended his comments on Twitter as he claimed he was only trying to be honest.

“Also when did being honest become a bad thing?
Matt Riddle”
Goldberg obviously looked terrible in his match against The Undertaker.  But, Matt Riddle has not proven himself as a professional wrestler, and one must wonder if he is out of line with comments like this.

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