Sasha Banks Teases Leaving WWE for AEW On Twitter

Sasha Banks has had an incredible career in WWE, and it certainly is not close to being over.  While she is struggling to get along with her employer, she signed a new WWE contract last year and has a lot of time remaining.  She has not appeared on WWE television since after having a falling out with the company at WrestleMania 35.

The WWE Universe has been closely following Sasha Banks and everything she has been doing since taking her leave from WWE.  There are many fans who want to see Sasha return, but also a ton who want to see WWE grant her a release so that she can go on with her life.

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Sasha posted a cryptic message on Twitter earlier along with an interesting picture of herself in an NXT ring.  The picture is black and white, but it was the caption beneath the picture that grabbed the attention of wrestling fans across the world.

“There was nowhere to go but everywhere…”

While Sasha Banks mentions “everywhere” in the Tweet, after Jon Moxley left WWE for AEW, AEW seems to be white hot on the wrestling heat map right now.  If Sasha is indeed released from her WWE contract, the AEW women’s division would surely enjoy having her on the roster.

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