Scott Dawson Tweets Young Bucks Reference While Under WWE Contract

The Revival have been a hot topic so far in 2019 due to their contractual issues with WWE.  As we have previously reported, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder will not be returning to WWE when their contracts are up.  WWE has even gone as far as to add time to Dash Wilder’s contract due to an injury clause.

The Usos, of course, are The Revival’s biggest rivals in the WWE, and they have provided some entertaining matches over the years.  Both teams are incredibly talented in the ring and can tell a great story.  The Usos are known for their Superkicks, as are The Young Bucks.  While the internet wrestling community waits for an opportunity to see The Revival match up with the Young Bucks down the road, Scott Dawson Tweeted the following:

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“Seems like there’s always gonna be a pair of brothers waiting to superkicks us… #FTR”
Cody Rhodes dropped a nice little mention to the Revival during the AEW Double or Nothing PPV.  Dawson and Wilder are going to be hot free agents as soon as they leave WWE, and AEW will surely be the first in line.  For now, Dawson and Wilder are with WWE, but we get the feeling some exciting times are ahead for them outside of WWE.

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