WWE Staff Calls Saudi Arabia Pay-Per-View “A Train Wreck”

WWE Super ShowDown went down this past Friday.  While the event had a tremendous amount of hype, when it came to delivering, it seemed to have fallen short.  It seems as though many WWE employees are just thankful that the nightmare is over.

WrestleVotes is reporting that they have spoken with several sources in WWE regarding what their thoughts were on the WWE Super ShowDown event in Saudi Arabia.  Based on the feedback WrestleVotes received, it seems as though people were not at all too happy with the event overall.

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“Thought you guys might like this: texting with 2 different sources who were on the Saudi trip. Asked how everything went. One said it was a “disaster” & the other described it as a “train wreck”. So that’s that.”

There were several WWE Superstars who wanted to boycott the event but were afraid to do so out of fear of retaliation from Vince McMahon and the WWE.  The event received terrible reviews from fans, and now, it seemingly appears that the sentiment was shared by the WWE staff.

The good news is that WWE only has 17 shows remaining on their ten-year contract with Saudi Arabia.  Three down, seventeen to go.


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