Enzo Amore Shoots On WWE Writers, Says Vince McMahon Is A Genius

Enzo Amore is no longer a WWE Superstar, but he was able to make an impact in the short time he was with the company that will have a lasting effect on the WWE Universe.  Enzo, a former WWE Cruiserweight Champion, has been outspoken about his time with the company.

NZO, which Enzo Amore now goes by since leaving WWE, spoke with Keeping It 100, and discussed WWE’s creative process.  NZO mentioned that he was largely able to avoid the staff who wrote for WWE, but did confirm that Vince McMahon is indeed a genius.

“It is really hard to take matters into your own hands when you are one of the boys, you have to fight tooth and nail and they are not going to let you,” revealed Enzo. “If you ever watched that interview with Vince McMahon and Steve Austin where Vince McMahon says that he won’t let anyone take the brass ring, but you have to know how intelligent Vince McMahon is. He is really intelligent. He wouldn’t say that if he didn’t believe it.”

“I just think that there is a lot of chefs in the kitchen. There are a lot of writers, and I think week-to-week a lot of the talent have no idea what they are getting themselves into up until they show up to the show. So many times I was handed a script and the script would change an hour into the show and I would try to remix it and some of the writers hated that. But when Enzo Amore goes out there and goes off script and he comes back to the curtain he forgets the script.”

“The only person that really mattered was Vince McMahon so I never gave a f*ck about the writers. If a writer adds something terrible to the script and I wasn’t feeling it, I’m sorry bro. I didn’t ask for permission, I asked for forgiveness and half the time I went out there and just said what I felt was better because who better than the guy that says ‘My Name is Enzo Amore’? I wrote that and I hear everybody saying that with me.”

“If you don’t have to hold the microphone and say those things in front of a million people each week; if you have never been laid on your back and had your teeth knocked in or taken a bump and risk your life, had your mother crying at home because you were knocked out cold, having an MRI and you had your leg broken in the ring; I went to the ringer to hold that microphone and to hear those people say that s**t. So, if I’m not feeling it, I am not saying it. So, when I cut those promos it was oftentimes how I spoke and people don’t want to hear that.”

It is highly unlikely that we will ever see Enzo Amore in a WWE ring again, but, we certainly have seen crazier things happen in the WWE over the years.  If NZO ever does get a second chance with WWE, hopefully he will make it count.  Right now, NZO is focusing on his rap career and is taking a breather from pro wrestling.

If Vince McMahon gives Enzo a call, he will surely know what to do with him.  Vince has taken back stars who had messy falling outs in the past, including the Ultimate Warrior, Hulk Hogan, Jeff Jarrett, and many others.

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