Report: Bill Goldberg Turned Down WWE Contract Last Month

This past Friday, Bill Goldberg was defeated by The Undertaker at WWE Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia.  The match received poor feedback throughout the internet wrestling community.  Goldberg went as far as to apologize to fans after the match.

According to our sources, Goldberg turned down a WWE contract in early May, about a month before the Super ShowDown pay-per-view.  In hindsight, this is likely a good thing for WWE.  Goldberg wrestled poorly in his match in Saudi Arabia, and, while we have no indication of how much money he was offered, it is hard to believe that Goldberg would have been worth it at this point.

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While we did not receive any details on compensation, we do know that the deal would have been a part-time deal similar to the one that Brock Lesnar had in the past.  Goldberg likely would have worked pay-per-views and occasionally show up on television to build up his matches.

Signing Goldberg does not seem logical, but Vince McMahon has not been the best decision maker as of late.  We wonder if this had anything to do with the WWE being concerned with the possibility of Goldberg showing up in AEW.  WWE has been making a serious push lately to lock up as much indie talent and to extend talent on their own roster out of desperation.

It will be interesting to see if Goldberg shows up on WWE television in the future.

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