Major Update on Sasha Banks’ WWE Return Next Month

WWE fans have been voicing their frustration over the absence of Sasha Banks since WrestleMania 35.  It is no secret that Sasha Banks is frustrated with the way she is being booked, as well as the quality of WWE programming as of late.  Sasha has posted several Instagram photos and Tweets, and seems to be in great spirits during her leave of absence.  However, we have learned from sources that this is not a shoot.  It is a planned angle from the WWE creative team that was hatched shortly before WrestleMania.

On the indie circuit, Sasha Banks wrestled as Miss Mercedes.  She approached  Triple H shortly after the WWE Fast Lane PPV to propose an angle where she takes a leave of absence for a few months, and rebrands herself as Miss Mercedes during her return.  Vince McMahon signed off on the idea, and here we are.

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WWE is leaning towards Sasha Banks returning as Miss Mercedes near the end of July, in order to build up for a major angle prior to WWE Summerslam.  As of right now, the plan is for a Miss Mercedes vs Bayley match at Summerslam.


We will keep you posted with any updates as we receive them.


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