Jim Cornette Feuds With Fake OJ Simpson On Twitter

OJ Simpson is officially on Twitter, turning the heads of social media users all across the world.  OJ has put out videos where he has referenced his new Twitter handle.  However, his account is still not verified.  Perhaps he should look into resolving that.

If you are curious about OJ Simpson’s actual Twitter account, you can find it @TheRealOJ32.  Unfortunately, Jim Cornette did not get the memo, and was fooled by a fake troll OJ Simpson account.

Cornette, the former pro wrestling manager and commentator, chastised OJ Simpson for costing him roughly $5o00 back in the 90s because of his nationally-recognized Ford Bronco chase.  According to Cornette, people were staying home to watch the live police footage rather than to pay admission for his wrestling show.

After Lance Storm pointed out that it has been 25 years since the infamous OJ Simpson Ford Bronco chase, Cornette responded: “Too bad everybody else was home watching TV — OJ Simpson owes me $5,000.”

“OJ Simpson” replied.  Unfortunately, it was a fake OJ Simpson account.  The fake account informed Cornette “I don’t owe anyone money, sorta.”

Cornette would go on to respond in detail about why he feels like the former NFL running back and Hall of Famer owes him $5000.  Again, bear in mind, this is not the real OJ Simpson that Cornette is arguing with:

“If you had had the good sense to hop in that Bronco on a Thursday, we’d be fine–but it was a Friday and that was rasslin’ night in Knoxville, I lost at least 500 fans watching your shit show on free TV instead of paying to see mine!”

We are not sure if anyone has informed Cornette that he spent valuable time arguing with a fake OJ Simpson account.

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