Lance Storm Reveals True Meaning Behind Firefly Fun House References

Last week’s controversial Firefly Fun House segment sparked a lot of chatter among WWE fans.  When Ramblin’ Rabbit was destroyed with a giant mallet after he exposed the Fun House’s secrets, there seemed to be a ton of references that were perhaps meant to address Jon Moxley’s shoot interview with Chris Jericho on his Talk Is Jericho podcast after AEW Double Or Nothing.

There were too many similarities between the WWE’s Fire Fly Fun House Segment and Jon Moxley’s shoot interview with Jericho.  The mallet looked like a dice (likely an homage to AEW’s debut pay-per-view in Las Vegas), Wyatt wore makeup on his eyes similar to Chris Jericho, and Wyatt also put a sign on the door warning people not to leave.

Former WWE Superstar Lance Storm watched the segment on television and the references seemed to hit close to home.  As a man who spent several years on the WWE roster, he noticed references that were clearly painting a picture of the backstage politics behind the scenes in WWE.  Storm appeared on Figure Four Weekly to explain:

“Did you not notice this? I was just like ‘Oh my god how is this going on? How is this on television?’”

“Maybe also too you never actually worked there. Maybe you wouldn’t get the hurt and heal gloves for the ‘carrot and the stick’ and when you know basically when when rabbit and the buzzard fought among themselves and the one guy ate the other guy up and he was rewarded for it. It’s like ‘Okay.’”

“I guess so I was just like, ‘Wow, unbelievable.’”

WWE Superstars have come to learn that you either get “the carrot or the stick” when you are fighting for your place on the roster.  What that means is that you either get rewarded, or you get led on and teased while chasing something that likely will not happen.  When Mercy The Buzzard ate Ramblin’ Rabbit, he was forgiven and rewarded for doing so.  This illustrates the feeling that you get rewarded for burying your WWE coworkers who try to revolt against the system.

Storm also referenced the Vince McMahon puppet who took on the role of the evil boss who threatened Huskus The Pig Boy’s job if he did not get into shape.  Based on reports from the WWE locker room, the segment was based off of real life events.

It will be interesting to see what is next for Bray Wyatt in WWE.  Wyatt is scheduled to appear on WWE RAW tomorrow night.  Lance Storm will likely be watching, and we hope to continue to get more insider analysis from Storm on WWE segments as they happen.

Thank you Ringside News for the quotes.

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